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Network Services

NOD delivers services for the continuity of your network.
Our support is independent and our years of experience can make your network more reliable.



You can get confronted with problems like:

  • Degrading performance
  • Increased down time
  • Disruption to your internet connection
  • Security issues on your network

These problems require direct analysis to find the cause of the problem quickly. NOD uses test and measurement equipment from VIAVI solutions to quickly determine the cause of the problem and give independent recommendations for a solution.
Fortunately, most problems can be solved directly during the measurement sessions. When a security leak is found it’s important not only to find the cause and react to it, but ideally also assess the impact. The next step would be to recommend tools you might need to prevent these kind of leaks in the future.


Project support

    Your network is continuously susceptible to mutations. Depending on your needs, we offer our expertise for:
  • Network audit
  • RFI (Request for Information)
  • RFP (request for Proposal)
  • POC (Proof of Concept) testen
  • SAT (Site Acceptatie Tests)

When a network goes live, or when you change or expand an existing network, what you don’t want is problems for your end users. We can test your plan or lead the whole project. This includes composing the test plan, execution of the acceptance tests, advice in case abnormalities are found, and support in the final go live stage.



Considering the complexity of today’s modern networks, it is important to continuously train your network administrator. Their knowledge and competency determines the continuity of your network. When interferences occur, it is essential they will do the right analysis.

NOD offers a range of network and product training to improve the knowledge of your network administrators:

  • Netwerktraining
  • Viavi product training

  • Network administrators learn in training which data is important to focus on during interferences and how to make the correct interpretations.
    This way, they learn themselves to judge and improve the performance of applications and the network.


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