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Viavi is a world leader in products that contribute to the best network performances.

NOD has been working for years with the latest VIAVI products for troubleshooting and stress-testing networks. No matter how big your network, as an authorized partner and reseller of VIAVI you can reach out to us for advice and explanation about the different products.


Observer Analyzer

We recommend the observer analyser for monitoring your network.

The observer analyser monitors the data traffic of your communication services, and supports in troubleshooting problems. It can also be used in virtual environments.

- The observer analyzer offers a complete package for managers, architects and engineers.

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Observer Apex

With the observer apex you can create a dashboard to fulfill your periodic reporting needs.

It is the user-friendly aggregation layer which presents the state of the network and connected devices to you from moment to moment.

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Measurement tools

One example of a piece of equipment that we use for auditing and stress testing would be the MTS series.

With the MTS series, traffic can be automatically generated to simulate potential live situations. Depending on the size of your network and the level of continuity you need, playing out some “what-if” scenarios can be helpful to avoid problems before they occur. 

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MORE ABOUT THE 4-Port 1G/10G Card.

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