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Netwerk Onderzoek Diensten

NOD improves your network performance

Network services

You are looking for a reliable partner to execute a network audit or manage expansion of your network. Or if it an urgent requests or slowly degrading performance, NOD will hand you solutions by measuring and analysing the data on your network.

Performance Analysis

Securing the reliability and continuity of your network is in the hands of your technical team: your network and system administrators. NOD supports them in the realisation of your requirements and expectations. We support you in the purchase process of any necessary tools to fulfill the requirements, and help you embed these tools within the organisation.

Viavi Products

Have a look which equipment we use ourselves for stress testing performance and continuity of a network. This equipment supports you in the daily business of maintaining a network.

NOD is partner of VIAVI

For complex measuring of the data passing through your network, you need advanced analyzing equipment. In our experience, the analysers of Viavi Solutions are meeting these needs.

NOD and Viavi Solutions started a partnership more than 20 years ago. NOD is now a fully channel and training partner of Viavi Solutions. NOD can offer test and measurement equipment of Viavi Solutions to all her customers.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’d be glad to answer them.

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